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Customized Automation Assembly Machine

Semi-automated or fully automated Customized Assembly Machines

Customized Automation Assembly Machine

We collaborate with many Automated Machine Suppliers with the most advanced technology in Japan.  Our proposals are made by the selection of the most suitable supplier, depending on the project’s magnitude and the area of production (interiors, powertrain, body, electronics, etc.) . Through our engineers attending from the design support to the troubleshooting after delivery, we make possible a trustable utilization of Japanese equipments in Mexico. In addition, we also use Mexican suppliers to build equipments, depending on its specifications.   

Product Portfolio

  • Throttle Body Assembly Line
  • Steering Column Assembly Line
  • ABS / Brake Assembly Line
  • Airbags Assembly Line
  • Injectors Assembly Line
  • Drive Motors Assembly Line
  • Inverter Assembly Line
  • Assembly Line of Various Sensors
  • Power Module Assembly Line
  • Engine Control Unit Assembly Line


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