This Privacy Notice is made of your knowledge in compliance of the Federal Law of Personal Data in Possession of Private Individuals (FLPDPI).

1. Responsible Indentity and address.

DJK Global, S.A. de C.V. (“The Responsible “), with address at Av. Antea No. 1090, Piso 3, Oficina 208, Business Park II Building, Col. Jurica, Querétaro, Qro. México C.P 76100, is the one in charge of your personal data, the use that it gives to these data and it´s protection. This Privacy Notice supplies information about the way that our company uses our customers personal data, and about the rights that you have as a customer, for what is committed to manage your information with the highest confidentiality, according to the internal policies and applicable legal provisions.

2. What kind of personal data do we collect from you?

“The responsible” may collect your personal data in different ways: when you directly and voluntary provide it to us for specific purposes; or obtaining it indirectly, through another legal resources. We shall not sale, nor trade, or lease personal and identifiable information. Your information could be used for the research related to use patterns, products development, online sites customization and directed marketing.

We collect your personal data on a direct way when you personally provide it by filling a printed form, by e-mail, through online form, by phone, or through any other mean.

For the established purposes on this Privacy Notice, “The Responsible” in certain cases, could gather the following personal data from you, among others:

a. Identification data: Name, company´s name, e-mail, phone number and inquiry type

b. Electronic Records: Images and text, supplied by you through our websites and other social media.

c. IP and navigation data: An Internet Protocol Address (“IP”) consist in a number that is automatically assigned to your computer. Once you are navigating on the Web. The web servers immediately identify your computer through the IP address. When visitors request pages from the Web Site, our servers record the IP address.

Normally we do not link IP addresses to nothing of personal character that could be identifiable which means that a visitor session is register, but for us, that visitor remains anonymous. HB/PS collect IP addresses for systems administration purpose and to regulate this Web Site use.

Additionally, we use IP addresses for statistics information collect that will be sent to our advertisers, as for other promotion and marketing purposes, and for written or by voice communication on real time, through chat and/or internet.

d. Audio and voice records: “The Responsible” declares that when a phone interaction exists with the company as a commercial customer, supplier or commercial partner, this could be recorded and monitored for service quality purposes, for compliance and improvement purposes. The phone calls recorded, will be saved on a safe area with restricted access. The records are routinely destroyed, unless they would be necessary for an incident research or legal procedure.

3. With which purpose do we make use of your personal data?

The obtention and treatment of the personal data we collect direct and/or indirectly from you, could be use with the following purposes, which we consider necessary for the maintenance, existence and compliance of the relation we have with you:

a. Supply you information of our products when you require it, such as use manuals and guarantee information;

b. Complains reception, and requirements follow up;

c. Service surveys that allow us to improve our products;

d. For marketing and /or market research without profit purposes or not desired contracts attempts;

e. Storage of verbal or written communication internet via;

f.  Supply required and hired services;

g. Give compliance to the duties and commitments we contracted with you.

Accordingly with the established by the Federal Law of Personal Data in Possession of Private Individuals, in the event when “The Responsible” collects sensitive data from you, we will require your expressed consent for the treatment of the afore mentioned data, thus, you will indicate if you accept or not the treatment.

The negative for the use of your personal data for these purposes, shall not be a reason for us to denied you the services or products that you require or contract with us.

4. Personal data remissions to suppliers.

“The responsible” can remit partial or totally the personal data from our customers to service suppliers that support us in some procedure or service that involves you as a customer, prior consent. These suppliers enclose: (i) technology companies that give us diverse services of communication or infrastructure; (ii) companies that give us marketing and market research services. In every case “The responsible” makes sure that such companies assume their contract duties, that allow to protect our customers personal data, at the time it makes of its knowledge, the applicable duties according to the FLPDPI.

The personal data could be transferred to third parties different than the afore mentioned, only in the following cases: 1.- If there is your prior expressed consent; 2.- By legal or administrative authority resolution; 3.- When the personal information is considered as public by law.

5. To whom may we transfer your personal data?

We can transfer our customer personal data to third parties and authorities in certain cases, for the established provisions in this Privacy Notice, these transfers include the following:

a. While as in so far “The Responsible” is part of an international group, your personal data can be communicated to other companies of our same corporative group on the country or overseas. “The Responsible” will assume at every moment the responsibility of the proper use your personal data, since it has been implemented the necessary protection policies and measures for all of its customers data; these policies are consistent with the measures and policies that “The Responsible” applies on its own personal data.

b. Likewise “The Responsible” may transfer personal data from its customers to administrative or legal authorities, when the transfer would be necessary or legally claimed, for the sake of a public interest “The Responsible” rights protection, third parties protection or for the justice administration or procurement.

c. In other cases when the law allows this transfer without the holder prior consent, on the 37 article terms of the FLPDPI.

All the afore transfers (and the remissions included in the clause 4 above) may have national or international character; likewise, all are essential for the maintenance or compliance of the commercial relation with the customers, and for this, we do not need require the customers consent to perform it.

6. Your personal data security.

“The Responsible” adopt diverse security measures to protect the personal data, such as: restricting its data bases access physical and electronic, establishing confidentiality commitments relative to all the information that could be accessed by those who supply their services to “The Responsible”, relative to its functions; to conduct agreement between “The Responsible” and its suppliers; to keep files locked with restricted access; as well as, to celebrate due diligence and confidentiality contracts and agreements relative to the third parties which receives personal data, for necessary transfer reasons or related to the purposes pointed out by this Privacy Notice. Additionally, campaigns to update the data to purge data bases under the quality policies established in the Federal Law of Personal Data Protection in Possession of Private Individuals.

“The Responsible” and/or its people in charge will guard the personal data of the Holder for the necessary time to process its requests of information, products or services, as to maintain the accounting records, audit and financial records in terms of the FLPDPI, an the tax, mercantile, and administration current law.

The collected personal data will be protected by proper security administrative, technical and physical measures, against damage, lost, alteration, destruction, or non-authorized use, access or treatment according with the established on the FLPDPI and other applicable regulation. Even though the beforementioned, “The Responsible” is not infallible to attacks from non-authorized third parties, to obtain access to the Holders or “The Responsible” logical or physical systems, or in the electronic documents or stored files in its systems. Therefore, “The Responsible” shall not be penalized in any case, or shall be charged with any responsibility of the damages arose from such non-authorized access

7. Which are your rights?

In accordance with the FLPDPI, you possess the right of Access, Ratification, Cancelation and Opposition to the treatment (ARCO Rights); as well as the right to revoke the consent you granted for your personal data processing at any time, to the extent that the law allows it. For the exercise of your ARCO Rights, or your right to revoke, or to formulate any doubt or claim related to your personal data treatment, please contact our Personnel.

Your requests will be evaluated  in accordance with the established terms  of the (FLPDPI) and other applicable duties to “The Responsible” Our Personnel will instruct you (i) the information that will be required from you in order to identify yourself, as well as the documents you will need  to send besides your request; (ii) the deadlines on which you will receive a response about your request; (iii) as you must present your request, including the forms that you can use  to present  the request in case if any, and (iv) the modality or media to delivery you the information.

Contact our Personal Data Department.





8. Which options does “The Responsible” offers to limit the use or disclosure of your personal data?

“The Responsible” offers the possibility to take decisions about how we use your personal data; we offer diverse ways to inform us about your decision.

9. Your Personal Data Security.

“The Responsible” has adopted organizational, physical and technical security measures to protect your personal data against lost, non-authorized access or use, in compliance with the established by the FLPDPI.

10. Process to exercise ARCO Rights and Consent Revoke.

The Holder has at any time the right for Access, Rectification, Cancelation and Opposition related to its data (referred hereunder as ARCO Rights), as well as the capability to revoke the consent it has given, presenting its request on the format we may provide for such purpose through the available means, prior expressed request.

11. Privacy Notice Modifications.

“The Responsible “reserves the right to perform revisions or updates to the present Privacy Notice at any time. The notice will be published in our Web Site visible, or you will receive it through email. Our customer will be able to verify that the Notice has been modified given that we will always notice the last revision date. In the event, “The Responsible” may conduct a substantial change on your personal data treatment, we will let you know through an email notification or announcing those changes in our Web Site.

12. Data Collection while Navigating the Homepage and Web Sites of “The Responsible”

 “The Responsible” may collect data through its Web Sites, or through automatic data collection tools. The mentioned tools allow to collect the information sent by your navigator to those Web Sites, such as the kind of the navigator you use, user language, access times and IP address, from the Web Site you used to access to “The Responsible” or its manager’s sites.

NOTES: This Privacy Notice is only for information and the one in Spanish language will prevail over the English version.

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