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Injection Molding Machine

State of the Art Molding Systems Solutions based on Electric Injection Molding Machines

Injection Molding Machine

We are a Global Top Dealer of Injection Molding Machines. Based on our customers request, we offer Total Solutions on Molding by proposing not only the Injection Molding Machine and its Peripheral equipments, but robotic automation systems or the newest recycle systems.

Product Portfolio

  • Electric Injection Molding Machine (30t – 3500t)
  • Specialized Injection Molding Machine(2colors IMM, Press IMM)
  • Peripheral Devices
    • Gantry System
    • Dryer, Vacuum Conveyor, Blender,
    • Temperature Controller, Chiller  
    • Mold Clamping System
    • Automatic Mold Changer 
  • Automation System
    • Robotic Insert & Outsert System
    • Automatic Gate & Runner Cut System
    • Automatic Annealing & Stocker System     
    • Automatic Vision Inspection & Stocker System
  • Recycle System
    • Granulator
    • Re-Pelletizer

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