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Mask Cleaning Machine, Nozzle Cleaning Machine

Sawa Corporation is a leading manufacturer of Metal Mask and Nozzle Cleaners in the electronics industry, utilizing a unique cleaning method that utilizes ultrasonic waves.

Sawa Co., Ltd.

Mask Cleaning Machine SC-AH100E-LV

Cleaning+Drying= 5minutes(Minimum)

Simultaneous process of cleaning and drying can realize a high-speed cleaning.

Total cleaning time per a metal stencil = 6 minutes

High-speed cleaning can prevent the damage of metal stencil


Less damage to metal stencil.

Pressing metal stencil between two cleaning heads, operates simultaneous cleaning and drying.

Not splashed at combination and frame part of stencil because providing solvent only cleaning head part.


Nozzle Cleaning Machine SCI-CPX II

All come true with one.Panasonic Compatible with NPM series. Corresponding changer and nozzle.

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