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Testing & Inspection Machine

State-of-the-art Testing and Inspection Equipment for the car’s safety and EVs.


Testing & Inspection Machine

We collaborate with NST which has the most outstanding technology for measuring, control and communication in Japan. In this connection, we can offer NST measurement, control and communication technology to respond promptly to customers’ needs. NST has four design departments to develop its unique technology which are: software, control, electric, and system design.

Product Portfolio


  • ECU Inspection
  • ABS Inspection
  • Crankshaft Measurement Device
  • Valve Clearance Measuring
  • Clutch Rotation Torque Measuring
  • Transmission Motoring Bench
  • Oil Pump Test
  • HV/EV Motor Test Device
  • Lithium Ion Battery Inspection Device
  • Resolver Inspection/Adjustment
  • Gear Meshing Machine
  • Shim Selection Device
  • Housing Inspection
  • Seal Material/FIPG Applicator

Electrical machinery

  • General Purpose Motor Test Machine
  • Substrate Dividing Machine
  • Light Distribution Measurement Machine
  • Spectrophotometer


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