As a highly respected industry partner, the main goal DJK Global Mexico, is to contribute to the development of a highly innovative Mexican society.


Founded in 2005 as an industrial machinery trader, the company has been doing business for 20 years in Mexico. As one of the DJK Global Group member, we support manufactures worldwide by the implementation of diverse business models rooted in Mexico.

The global economic growth, centering on emerging economics in recent years has brought an increase of optimized machinery and equipment needs, to expand production and improve efficiency across the manufacturing industry in which we are deeply involved.

In response to this trend, and based in our vast knowledge, we offer total equipment and machinery coordination, capitalized with total and integrated solution services (One Stop Solution) which are the result of the collaboration made through DJK Group.

Going forward we will use these solutions and make them evolve in an innovative way, increasing its functionality and obtaining an added value for our customers. We are convinced that our mission is commit to create a sustainable society through our activities.


Junichi Koda (President)

Jorge Manrique (Vice-President)