Lifting Application

Lifting Application is common in shelf, cart, trolley, or pallet transportation for warehouseing, manufacturing, line feeding, and WIP FP transfer. In brief, the robot will stop beneath the carrier, lift it up, and transport to the designated destination.

*Standard Robots offers standard lifting modules, and the carriers shall be modified in specific circumstance

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Transport Application

Transport Application adapts to directdocking and communicate with production/logistics equipment and facility mainly for tote, pallet, and customized container transport. The roller/conveyor dimensions could be modified.

*Modification is conducted according to the load and equipment type and dimensions.

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Towing Application

Commonly used in automotive industry. Usual applications as Multi-purpose Milk Run (right photo) and Multi-SKU Management / Goods to person.

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General Description

Oasis series is a two-wheeled differential robot that can carry up tp 1200kg. It is built on Standard Robots' 3rd Generation mobile robot technology platform and features a new electrical hardware solution that utilizes a self-developed 4th generation controller. This upgrade improves the robot's electrical performance and stability


General Description

GULF-MSL14 series autonomous forklifts controlled by the Standard Robots Fleet Management System have made not only material transport automatic. Also, they enhance efficiency by allowing more materials to be loaded onto each pallet during every trip, with a rated capacity of up to 1400kg. The GULF-MSL14 forklifts use laser SLAM technology for their navigation system, along with 360°obstacle detection sensors and alerting systems to ensure maximum safety.